Bathroom improvements

Hey guys. Chuck here. Just wanting to jot down a few of my thoughts when it comes to bathroom renovation. There are numerous ways I have thought about going about this and there has been a constant battle in my mind of what’s best for my home.

In the end I’ve decided to do two things. Both of which I feel will effect the aesthetics and functionality of the washroom as a whole. The first will be sorting out the flooring. I will be laying a mixture or blue and white tiles down as the old wooden floorboards have seen better days. I’m looking to get a more modern theme from this.

Secondly, I will be replacing my toilet. Which is quite a big step for me, as I haven’t changed my own in at least ten years. Of course, I’ve done plenty for clients though. That experience will certainly help me pick the right one for my home.

In fact, I’ve narrowed it down to two main brands. KOHLER and TOTO. I can say from first hand experience, both have some quality models to work with. Buy the manufacturer I’m leaning towards at this current point in time is TOTO. I love their dual flushing mechanism and the contemporary units win me over.

An argument can also be made that they are among the most reliable on the market, which is an opinion, but one I tend to agree with from experience. I’ll need a twelve inch rough in, right height, with the ability to save water. It may sound like a lot to ask for, but these days these specifications are quite common.

So, tiling and installing a new toilet are going to be among the many things I have going on in the next week or so. It will be exciting to share my progress with you.