Shopping for toilets made easy

You don’t have to be gifted or particularly qualified to find a top toilet for your bathroom. In fact, with the help of Toilet brains buying guide, as well as extra guidance and advice from myself, you can often come across a number of highly rated units that will work well in both residential and commercial settings. But what is this advice we speak of? Well, if you’ve not heard about me yet, I’m a retired plumbing professional who uses this blog as a way to communicate to others in a way that they can benefit from my advice and many years experience in the trade.

To put it simply, your washroom is an extremely important room in the home and should not be forgotten about. This applies to the various hardware within too such as shower heads, faucets, and of course the toilet. So without rambling on too much, let’s have a look at which features and specifications you should be keeping an eye on whilst shopping below.

Right height or standard height bowl – The difference in height between these two sound minor on paper, but for certain people in society like those with disabilities, it can make all the difference when it comes to accessible living standards. If right height is a new phrase to you, it’s simply a manufacturers way of telling us that these are models that meet the criteria for the Americans with disabilities act. As designs have progressed throughout the years, the rim height has been made taller on average to make sure you feel comfortable when sitting down on the toilet seat.

Flush power – Let’s break flushing performance down into two parts to help you make sense of it. The first part is the type of flush mechanism offered. Now this can certainly confuse consumers because of the sheer range of mechanisms found in the market. Which one to buy I hear you asking? Well, that’s a question for individuals and their bathroom preferences. A few popular choices include pressure assisted, dual, and touchless flushing. Each come with their own pros and cons, but for most family households these will be adequate.

The second part is the rating of the flush. MaP are a website which gives you a detailed overview of individual products and how well they handle larger quantities of waste. This system is on a scale between zero and one thousand. One thousand being a top of the line unit.

Economically friendly or not? – Ask yourself if you could reduce bills in your home, would you? Water bills each month can add up to be quite expensive over a year, especially when you combine all the lavatory fixtures together. There is some action you can take against this in the form of highly efficient toilets. Typically these utilize an impressive 1.28 GPF. Which when you make comparisons with their 1.6 GPF counterparts, can help you make massive water savings across a long period of time. Well worth looking into if you’re sitting on the fence.

Which brand should I choose? – I have my favorites that I’ve worked with, and installed for customers over the years. So I’ll just throw a few companies names out their that I personally love and have respect for. TOTO is my number one, they have produced some terrific products and often look modern which is what a lot of people want. Alternatively, Kohler have some excellent units with solid designs and great innovations. I’m not going to say that you should be focusing solely on these brands, but they are certainly where I would begin my research.

Hopefully these pointers will be enough to get you started. In addition to the tips above, you should read up on what buyers have said about products on various retailer websites online. Usually they allow people to leave short reviews and comments which can really help you separate the high quality toilets from the average.